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The Wizard, wiz or wizzie, is one of six character classes in Legends of Kesmai. Wizards start with Lawful Alignment and are Magic Users. Both intelligence and dexterity are extremely important for this character class.

Wizardry is a difficult discipline to learn, but is very powerful once the character attains a high level. Highest level wizards are, arguably, the most powerful characters in the game. Even at middle experience levels, wizards possess terrain spells that can clear rooms full of opponents. Additionally, they are gifted with powerful shielding spells which are especially effective against missile weapons.

However, there are several disadvantages for this class. A low level wizard spends most of his time running for his life. A wizard gets considerably less hit points to work with, and even though all weapons categories are open to them, they rely almost exclusively on their use of magic. Wizards rarely risk attacking with a weapon and generally only maintain weapon skill levels adequate enough to defend themselves in between castings. They have no spells to improve their combat skills, and metal armor cannot be worn, as it will disable their capacity for casting spells.

Character Stats & Combat Adds

Note: To receive combat adds, Strength (str) and Dexterity (dex) stats must be at least 15.

Starting Character Stats Max Character Stats (using pots)
Strength 11 Wisdom 12 Strength 17 Wisdom 18
Dexterity 11 Charisma 10 Dexterity 18 Charisma 18
Intelligence 14 Constitution 14 Intelligence 18 Constitution 18
Extra Creation Points: 18
Suggested Distribution Max Stats (using Creation Points)
Strength 15 Wisdom 17 Strength 16 Wisdom 17
Dexterity 15 Charisma 10 Dexterity 15 Charisma 17
Intelligence 18 Constitution 15 Intelligence 18 Constitution 18
Str and Dex Adds
Levels Add
3 +1
4 - 7 +2
8 - 11 +3
12 - 15 +4
16 - 19 +5
20 - 23 +6
24 - 27 +7
28 - 30 +8


Magic Skill Level Spells Learned
1 Aspirant Icon for Bonfire Spell
Icon for Magic Missile Spell
Magic Missle
2 Apprentice Icon for Close/Open Doors Spell
Close/Open Doors
3 Apprentice to Fire Icon for Breathe Water Spell
Breathe Water
Icon for Light Spell
Icon for Shield Spell
4 Apprentice to Ice Icon for Protection from Fire Spell
Protection from Fire
Icon for Darkness Spell
5 Apprentice to Illusions Icon for Protection from Cold Spell
Protection from Cold
Icon for Find Secret Doors Spell
Find Secret Doors
Icon for Create Web Spell
Create Web
Icon for Create Portal Spell
Create Portal
6 Shaper of Fire Icon for Fireball Spell
Icon for Wall of Fire Spell
Wall of Fire
7 Shaper of Ice Icon for Ice Storm Spell
Ice Storm
8 Wizard Icon for Concussion Spell
9 Shaper of Illusions Icon for Dispel Illusion Spell
Dispel Illusion
Icon for Illusion Bridge Spell
Icon for Illusion Empty Spell
Icon for Illusion Fire Spell
Icon for Illusion Ice Spell
Icon for Illusion Ruins Spell
Icon for Illusion Wall Spell
Icon for Illusion Water Spell
10 Illusionist Icon for Wizard Eye Spell
Wizard Eye
Icon for Disintegrate Spell
11 Master of Earth Icon for Peek Spell
12 Master of Illusions Icon for Protection from Fire and Ice Spell
Protection from Fire and Ice
Icon for Fire Bolt Spell
Fire Bolt (path)
13 Master of Air Icon for Whirlwind Spell
14 Mage Icon for Ice Spear Spell
Ice Spear
15 Lord of Fire Icon for Fire Storm Spell
Fire Storm
Icon for Firebolt Spell
Fire Bolt (person)
16 Lord of Illusion Icon for Fire Dragon Breath Spell
Icon for Ice Dragon Breath Spell
Icon for Lightning Dragon Breath Spell
Dragon Breath
17 Lord of Air Icon for Lightning Lance Spell
Lightning Lance
18 Archmage Icon for Lightning Storm Spell
Lightning Storm
19 Magus Icon for Create Lava Spell
Create Lava


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