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A deadly assassin that lurks from the shadows. There are few places in the Known Lands a thief cannot venture, even at low levels. The Thief is one of six Character Classes in Legends of Kesmai. Thieves start with Neutral Alignment and are Magic Users. Most fight well with Ranged Weapons, as well as develop martial arts skill. A thief with a high skill level in hand is not a character to be trifled with. They are also able to cast a number of helpful magic spells, which serve to protect and assist them in their escapades.

Because of their inherent neutral alignment, thieves must sneak around to avoid attack by the Sheriff and his Knight-deputies. To aid them, thieves have developed unique abilities. Special talents of disguise enable thieves to appear lawful to others, depending on level, and their ability to hide in shadows, remaining essentially invisible, allow them to penetrate dangerous areas where few others dare go. Thieves also have the ability to appraise gems and rings simply by looking at them.

Their disadvantage is that thieves have one of the lowest HP levels of all the classes, second only to the wizard. Another major handicap is that thieves have neutral alignment, so they will be attacked by lawful non-player characters such as the sheriff, and they cannot wield lawful weapons. Thieves are also limited in their choice of weapons by the fact that large weapons, like greatswords and longbows, negate their ability to remain hidden. Likewise, metal armor will interfere with their hiding abilities.

Character Stats & Combat Adds

Note: To receive combat adds, Strength (str) and Dexterity (dex) stats must be at least 15.

Starting Character Stats Max Character Stats (using pots)
Strength 11 Wisdom 12 Strength 17 Wisdom 18
Dexterity 12 Charisma 10 Dexterity 18 Charisma 18
Intelligence 14 Constitution 14 Intelligence 18 Constitution 18
Extra Creation Points: 16
Suggested Distribution Max Stats (using Creation Points)
Strength 15 Wisdom 13 Strength 17 Wisdom 16
Dexterity 18 Charisma 10 Dexterity 18 Charisma 17
Intelligence 17 Constitution 16 Intelligence 17 Constitution 18
Str and Dex Adds
Levels Add
3 +1
4 - 7 +2
8 - 11 +3
12 - 15 +4
16 - 19 +5
20 - 23 +6
24 - 27 +7
28 - 30 +8


Magic Skill Level Spells Learned
1 Skulker in Shadows Icon for Hide in Shadows Spell
Hide in Shadows
2 Master of Mischief Icon for Close/Open Doors Spell
Close/Open Doors
3 Diviner of Magics Icon for Find Secret Doors Spell
Find Secret Doors
Icon for Identify Spell
Icon for Breathe Water Spell
Breathe Water
4 Knight of Darkness Icon for Darkness Spell
Icon for Make Recall Ring Spell
Make Recall Ring
5 Opener of Ways Icon for Create Portal Spell
Create Portal
Icon for Neutralize Poison Spell
Neutralize Poison
6 Lurker in Darkness Icon for Night Vision Spell
Night Vision
7 Obscurer of Ways Icon for Hide Door Spell
Hide Door
8 Master of Water Icon for Speed Spell
9 Master of Air Icon for Feather Fall Spell
Feather Fall
10 Master of Secrets Icon for Wizard Eye Spell
Wizard Eye
11 Master Thief Icon for Venom Spell
12 Shadow Thief
13 Shadow Mage
14 Shadow Stalker
15 Shadow Lord
16 Thief of Wands
17 Thief of Cups
18 Thief of Pentacles
19 Thief of Souls


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Magic Skill Levels

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Although not terribly effective until a high thievery skill is achieved, thieves can steal. They can steal goodies from players and occasionally not get caught but more often than not a thief will get caught and set the player's self defense flag. Thievery is geared more towards stealing from creatures. To steal from anyone or anything you must be in the same hex. However, the steal command can be tedious.

Thievery Skill Level
0 Untrained
1 Clumsy
2 Mediocre
3 Average
4 Talented
5 Practised
6 Deft
7 Efficient
8 Graceful
9 Professional
10 Dextrous
11 Adroit
12 Expert
13 Astonishing
14 Amazing
15 Incredible
16 Magician
17 Peerless
18 Incomparable
19 Master

Thievery Skill Levels

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Tips & Tricks

Thieves with a Hide Level of 26 or more can hide from the drake in Axe Glacier.

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