The Brotherhood Of Yasnac


The Brotherhood of Yasnac (sometimes spelled Yasnak) is also referred to as The Brotherhood or The Yasnaki.


Banishment from Mu

The Brotherhood of Yasnac was originally formed in Mu, and its members, the Yasnaki, were once respected among magicians, but when their leaders yielded to the temptation to experiment with foul and blasphemous sorceries, they were banished from Mu by the Grand Order of Thaumaturges.

Their Hidden Headquarters

The brotherhood fled from Mu and took refuge on the isolated, mysterious island of Kesmai, where they built a small settlement and an underground shelter. The shelter was slowly enlarged into a series of catacombs and an underground city. And eventually, the brotherhood moved completely below ground, leaving only a small fishing village to provide cover for the comings and goings of the underground city.

Peak of Their Power

As the power and wealth of the brotherhood grew, advancement in The Black Arts abounded and they were able to concentrate a great deal of time and energy on bizarre experiments in genetics. The brotherhood had a brazen arrogance, and occasionally entertained emissaries from other evil organisations, giving tours, and sometimes making gifts of the horrific creatures they had created. At the peak of their power, the sorcerers of the brotherhood were known and feared all over the civilised world. Eventually the inner circle of the brotherhood launched several especially ambitious and perilous experiments.

An Attempt at Revenge

The brotherhood hotly desired revenge on the Grand Order of Thaumaturges for masterminding the expulsion from Mu. Finally the Lord Emperor of Kesmai perfected the means to obtain the vengeance they longed for. The Emperor, strongest of all the brotherhood in the black arts, devised a way to combine his power with the brothers of the inner circle, and summon one of the dreaded Dragons of Droon to be teleported into the gardens of the imperial palace of Mu. The plan was accepted by the brotherhood and the horrible ritual begun. When the dragon appeared right on cue just before the last incantation, the power unleashed burst the coronary arteries of the weakest member of the inner circle. Without the missing brother, the last incantation could not be completed, leaving the Yasnaki with an unwelcome guest.

Destruction and Abandonment of Kesmai

Breaking free of what feeble control the brotherhood exercised, the dragon crushed the Lord Emperor with one unanticipated sweep of its claw and then rampaged through the laboratories. Much bloodshed ensued, and many unfortunate brothers were most cruelly slain. The brotherhood was unable to dislodge the dragon who took up residence in their highest sanctuary. The strange mutants freed by the dragon's rampage continued to roam the dark corridors, spreading and multiplying. Most of the brothers were forced to abandon Kesmai, with the exception of a few who developed an uneasy truce with the monsters, and lived among them.

Power Structure

The Lord Emperor of the Brotherhood

The High Priest of Yasnac

The Brothers of the Inner Circle

They vote on important matters.

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