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The Thaumaturge, or Thaum, is one of six Character Classes in Legends of Kesmai. Thaums are warrior-priests who start with Lawful Alignment and, in addition to being competent in physical combat, are Magic Users as well. They can call upon the might of the ghods to act on their behalf, through the use of spells which can be as powerful as those of any wizard. Some spells call forth phantasms and demons to fight along with the Thaumaturge, while other spells can bring down lightning, blind or poison foes, heal wounds and even raise the dead. Thaums are also capable of developing many powerful protection spells, which lessen or totally deflect spells cast by evil or chaotic opponents. A Thaumaturge of Priest level or higher commands great respect from other adventurers, due to the ability to raise the dead and cure the most grievous wounds.

Thaums are easier to train with standard weapons and are somewhat more durable than wizards. Like wizards, they have powerful spells and higher level thaums can even summon phantasms of various sorts to assist them. Thaumaturges have access to all weapon types and can wear whatever armor they choose.

The main disadvantage that thaums experience is that their spells are more restricted than wizards'. Whereas a wizard has a number of area type spells such as fireballs and ice storms, a thaum's spells are more tailored for one-on-one combat, which can be awkward at times since most creatures like to travel in groups.

Character Stats & Combat Adds

Note: To receive combat adds, Strength (str) and Dexterity (dex) stats must be at least 15.

Starting Character Stats Max Character Stats (using pots)
Strength 12 Wisdom 14 Strength 17 Wisdom 18
Dexterity 11 Charisma 8 Dexterity 18 Charisma 18
Intelligence 12 Constitution 14 Intelligence 18 Constitution 18
Extra Creation Points: 20
Suggested Distribution Max Stats (using Creation Points)
Strength 15 Wisdom 18 Strength 17 Wisdom 18
Dexterity 15 Charisma 8 Dexterity 16 Charisma 16
Intelligence 17 Constitution 18 Intelligence 17 Constitution 18
Str and Dex Adds
Levels Add
3 +1
4 - 7 +2
8 - 11 +3
12 - 15 +4
16 - 19 +5
20 - 23 +6
24 - 27 +7
28 - 30 +8


Magic Skill Level Spells Learned
1 Shaman Icon for Curse Spell
Icon for Strength Spell
2 Apprentice Icon for Fear Spell
3 Initiate Icon for Light Spell
Icon for Blind Spell
Icon for Protection from Fire Spell
Protection from Fire
4 Acolyte Icon for Protection from Cold Spell
Protection from Cold
Icon for Stun Spell
5 Healer Icon for Cure Spell
Icon for Neutralize Poison Spell
Neutralize Poison
6 Cannon
Icon for Turn Undead Spell
Turn Undead
Icon for Lightning Bolt Spell
Lightning Bolt
7 Exorcist Icon for Banish Spell
Icon for Death Spell
8 Priest
Icon for Raise Dead Spell
Raise Dead
9 Seer
Icon for Fear Resistance Spell
Fear Resistance
10 Summoner of Snakes Icon for Create Snake Spell
Create Snake
11 Summoner of Spirits Icon for Summon Phantasm
Summon Phantasm
Icon for Blind Resistance Spell
Blind Resistance
12 Summoner of Demons Icon for Summon Demon Spell
Summon Demon
Icon for Protection from Fire and Ice Spell
Protection from Fire and Ice
13 Prophet
Icon for Lightning Resistance Spell
Lightning Resistance
14 Patriarch
Icon for Poison Cloud Spell
Poison Cloud
Icon for Protection from Poison Spell
Protection from Poison
15 High Priest
High Priestess
Icon for Stun Resistance Spell
Stun Resistance
16 Master of Demons Icon for Death Resistance Spell
Death Resistance
17 Master of Dead Icon for Protection from Blind and Fear Spell
Protection from Blind and Fear
18 Master of Earth and Sky Icon for Lightning Storm Spell
Lightning Storm
19 Hierophant Icon for Protection from Stun and Death Spell
Protection from Stun and Death


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