Knighthood Quests


Fighters, upon reaching experience level eight, may become Knights provided they do not have any karma points. Both Hermann in Kesmai and Aniet in Oakvael are capable of confering Knighthood. Hermann is located in a remote cave to the northeast of Kesmai Town. Similarly, Aniet resides behind a dense thicket on the surface level of Oakvael, northeast of the portal complex.

With right hand empty, stand within the same hex and say "Hermann, train me" or "Aniet, train me" as appropriate. The knight of the old order will confer knighthood and give a Ring of Knighthood. Either of these knight trainers will sell a replacement ring for 150 gold coins upon hearing "Hermann, sell ring" or "Aniet, sell ring".

1st Knight Quest

Find Cudyl in the Burnt Woods in Oakvael. Stand on his hex and say "Cudyl, train me" and when he asks if you would like a quest say "Cudyl, yes". Travel to Kesmai and slay Daisy. Among other items, Daisy will drop an agate gem. Take the agate gem to Harriette, Hermann's sister. She can be found in the same cave as Hermann in the northeast corner of the Kesmai surface. Place the agate gem at her feet and say "Harriette, train me".

Note: It is not enough to just be there when Daisy is killed and grab the agate gem, you must be the one to strike the killing blow, otherwise the gem will not tie to you.

2nd Knight Quest

Part 1
Find Brych alongside Aniet in Oakvael behind a dense thicket northeast of the portal complex. Stand on his hex and say "Brych, train me" and when he asks if you would like a quest say "Brych, yes". Travel to Axe Glacier and kill the Yeti. Among other items, the Yeti will drop a Misericorde Dagger. Take the dagger to Brych, place it at his feet and say "Brych, give halberd". Brych will take the Misery Dagger and give the Knight's halberd.

Note: Like the agate gem in the First Knight Quest, the Misery Dagger ties to the character that lands the killing blow.

Part 2
Go to Brych and say "Brych, teach me". He will give you the second part of the quest. Head to the Reptile Pit below the Undead Level in Oakvael. The gates are guarded by Clwyd who will grant entry to Knights only, when you say "Clwyd, teach me". Inside the pit, the knight will encounter fearsome creatures, walls that explode and confuse the knight into believing he is being attacked by his companions, nasty Serpents, Stalkers, Minotaurs, Concussion Spectres, Wyrms as tough as Daisy, and finally the Whirlwind Dragon known as Wendy. Proceed through the portal to find Gorffwyltera. Place the Knight Halberd at his feet and say "Gorffwyltera, teach me". He will grant sixteen extra hit points and leave the halberd for the knight.

Legendary Weapon Quests

Black Broadsword

To get a Black Broadsword, bring ore and ytrill to Ironbar. Place the rocks at his feet and say "Ironbar, train me".

Black Rapier

The Swordmaster drops a Black Steel Rapier, among other items, when killed.

Crystalline Gauntlets

First, rescue Konran in Oakvael to get the silk cloth. Then, kill Shidosha, the master ninja in Leng to get the Buddha. Bring the Buddha and the cloth to Puck, who resides on the rooftop garden in Leng Town above the gym. Place them both at his feet and say 'Puck, train me' or 'Puck, give gauntlets'.

Hummingbird Longsword

Kill the Troll King and take the hummingbird amulet through the secret door in the southeast corner of the palace. Step into the dark square with the amulet to be teleported to a room with a ring of fire. Beware, stepping into the ring will cause whirlwinds. Once the whirlwinds have passed the Hummingbird Longsword will be left on the ground in the center of the ring of fire. Only one character with a hummingbird amulet is to enter the secret room.

Note: More than one amulet in the room will result in a hummer not being left on the ground.

Knight Halberd

Misery Dagger

The Yeti drops a Misericorde Dagger, among other items, when killed.

Returning Axe

To get a Returning Axe, get an obsidian egg from the King Wolf take it to Vulcan. Enter Vulcan's Forge at night while wearing a moonstone ring. Beware, Vulcan's daughter, Alia, will try to take the obsidian egg and Returning Axe. Place the egg at Vulcan's feet and say "Vulcan, train me".

Tip: Drop a few gold coins around on several hexes to keep Alia occupied.

Returning Dagger

Carfel drops 2 Returning Daggers, among other items, when killed.

Returning Hammer

Returning Hammers can be found in 3 places:

  1. On the altar in Ydnac's Lair in Kesmai.
  2. In the Crypt behind Daisy's Lair in Kesmai.
  3. On the altar outside the Giant's throne room in Axe Glacier.

Silver Greataxe

To get a Silver Greataxe, bring ore and ytrill to Silvermoon. Enter Silvermoon's Forge at night while wearing a moonstone ring. Place the rocks at his feet and say "Silvermoon, train me".

Rescue Quests

Kobold Princess

Rescue the Kobold Princess and lead her to her father King KooKoo.

The Kobold Princess is imprisoned in the jail beneath Troll King's Palace. GooGog has stolen from the Troll King a key which he will gladly sell for 20,000 gold coins. Use the key to open the princess's cell which is located in the southwest corner of the jail. One must hold the key in their right hand and step next to the door. Use the follow command to get the princess to follow. Lead her back to Kobold City, and return her to KooKoo.


Rescue Konran from Troll Temple and lead him back to his home in Oakvael Town.

Konran is locked in Troll Temple. Use the follow command to get Konran to follow. Lead him through the Troll Temple, the Serpent Sea level, the Wet Caverns, Spider City, Oakvael surface, and finally to town. Take him to his home, step into the very rear of it, and he will give a cloth as a reward.

Note: When you encounter stairs or a rope say "Konran, climb up".
Tip: A Thaumaturge can help a lot by curing Konran when he gets attacked.

Princess Ianta

Find Princess Ianta and lead her to the Queen of Leng alive.

Princess Ianta can be found by following the Amber River to its source in the mountain wilderness of Leng. She is trapped behind a secret door near the stonehenge. Once found, use the follow command to get Ianta to follow. She is very weak and fragile. When wounded, Ianta has a tendency to get confused and stop following. Lead her back to town where her mother, the Queen of Leng, waits eagerly, in the throne room.

Note: If the character that Princess Ianta is following, exits or gets booted, the quest must be started over.

Underworld Quests

Intestines Quest

To initiate this quest, ask Anubis to teach you.
Anubis will instruct you to:

Liver Quest

To initiate this quest, ask Sekhmet to teach you.
Sekhmet will say:

  • "The Sun God shall be your guide"
  • "Inquire of my brother"

Ra or Nefertem will instruct you to:

Lungs Quest

To initiate this quest, ask Khnumeri to teach you.
Khnumeri will instruct you to:

Stomach Quest

To initiate this quest, ask Osiris to teach you.
Osiris will instruct you to:

Karma Quest

The Karma Quest is only required if your character has accumulated any karma points.


Ceremony of Death

Ceremony of Ancestors

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