In the Underworld, souls of those whose valour led them to an untimely demise would be sent to perform certain quests. Each quest would restore a part of the body, until the hero was again made whole, when he would be allowed to return to the land of the living. The Ghods would restore the vigour, vitality, and youth of the mortal, along with such skill as had been attained during the lifetime of the individual.

Finally, as a caution against improper behaviour, Set, the forgiver will need to forgive any and all transgressions that the mortal may have committed during his life.


According to ancient legend, there was a time when dying meant that you were forever banished from the mortal plains of Kesmai. Many valiant warriors and skilled magicians were forever lost when they met a tragic end due to age or a dragon's gullet. The Ghods took this matter very seriously, for if too many valiant heroes were lost, the land of Kesmai might forever fall into the Hands of Evil. So the Ghods caused to be formed the lands of Praetoseba, or the Underworld as it is referred to in the land of mortals.

Travel to the Underworld

Travel to Praetoseba can be either voluntary or involuntary, depending on the circumstances. Each time you die and are resurrected in the land of the living, you most likely will lose skill level ratings, constitution points, hit points, strength points and stamina points. If you continue to be slain, your constitution points eventually will decline to a level where you are unable to be resurrected (in the low single digits); instead, the ghods will send you to Praetoseba for rejuvenation.

However, before this point of debility is reached, some adventurers voluntarily travel to Praetoseba. A journey to Praetoseba will not restore lost hit points, stamina points or strength points, but the ability to regain lost skill levels, constitution points and youth is considered by many to be worth the effort.

To travel to Praetoseba voluntarily, locate the local graveyard (there is one in Kesmai, as well as in Leng, Oakvael and Axe Glacier). While standing in the centre of the graveyard, chant 'urruku ya zi xul'. All your belongings (armour, rings, weapons, etc.) fall to the ground, and you are instantly transported to the grassy plain that serves as the arrival point to Praetoseba. For this reason, you may want to stash all your valuables in your locker before departing. Beware! Ferocious animals are sometimes found in this area, so don't go completely empty-handed. In fact, you may wish to ask a friend to accompany you. Your permanent statistics are not affected by this means of transport: i.e., you will not lose any hit points, stamina points, etc.; however, your stats are temporarily downgraded to Underworld levels while you are in Praetoseba.

Immediate and involuntary travel to Praetoseba results if you die as an evil being (with four or more karma points), or if you are slain and eaten by a carnivorous creature of darkness (drakes, yetis and some dragons). Involuntary travel to Praetoseba is to be avoided, as everything you have falls to the ground, and you may lose your entire death pile to passing creatures before you or a friend can return for them. If you are fortunate, a fellow adventurer will slay the offending creature(s) and pick up your death pile for safekeeping.

NOTE: Adventurers who travel to Praetoseba by completing the Ceremony of Death reside in the Underworld permanently, with no chance of return, except to be summoned during the Ceremony of Ancestors.


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