Player Killing
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Player Killing, or PKing, is the act of killing a character controlled by an actual person, known as a player character or PC for short. Although player killing is not a violation of the Rules of Conduct, it is highly discouraged by the ghods and is not in the spirit of the game. The one exception to this is intentionally setting one's self defense flag in order to PK without incurring a mark. The player community as a whole disapproves of player killing and will generally take the appropriate action to maintain a peaceful balance in the community. Kesmai and their guide assistants will not involve themselves in player killings unless the PK violates the Rules of Conduct. Since the ghods of Kesmai highly discourage PKing, all players of all alignments are encouraged to live in peace and harmony with one another.

The rules do not forbid players from killing each other but is discouraged by the player community as a whole. There will be times when players do not always agree. Its better to try and work things out before killing each other. Working together in Legends has more benefits than killing each other. No experience will be gained from killing another player.

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