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The pawnshop is one of the more interesting and valuable shops. Every town has a pawnshop, and the most valuable of all items sold to any shop in town eventually end up for resale to the public in the pawnshop - at three times its value.


At first, it seems like quite a rip-off to pay three times the saleable value of an item to obtain it, and for many items this is true. But there are items that are fairly hard to obtain, especially for a new player, and they show up with some regularity in Pawn. For Example, a +6 strength ring will appraise for 2000 gold pieces, but sells in the pawn shop for 6000 gps. Yet these rings are rare enough that many players would gladly spend more than that to obtain one. Occasionally the pawn shop prices are lower than those of higher level players selling items in the lockers.

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