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Mu is an archipelago. People from Mu are referred to as Muians. Mu is the home of the Grand Order of Thaumaturges. The waters surrounding Mu are plagued by pirates. The Gardens of the Imperial Palace of Mu are world renown.


The Brotherhood of Yasnac were originally from Mu, but were banished due, in part, to the works of the Grand Order of Thaumaturges.


Mu is a monarchy. The ruling family has held the throne for six generations, and the government, consequently, is quite stable. Since the Grand Order of Thaumaturges is the principal advising council to the crown, the government also is very conservative. Although the Grand Order does have much prestige, it may only advise — and so when change does come, it comes slowly. The Grand Order are celebrated in Mu as having destroyed the Brotherhood's base of operations on Kesmai Island. The truth however is a closely guarded state secret. The citizens of Mu believe the official story implicitly, and outsiders find it politically unwise to disagree.

Desnoria, Queen of Mu and Grand Protector of its citizenry, has developed a feeling of unease regarding Kesmai. Because of a vivid dream she had after the last Grand Ball celebrating her birthday, she fears that the Brotherhood of Yasnac is rebuilding. The Marshal of the Grand Order has tried to reassure her that the dream was most likely caused by an injudicious mixture of cake and wine, but Desnoria remains unconvinced — partly because she likes the notion of having received a prophetic dream. As a consequence of the royal dream, quests to Kesmai on the part of adventurous Muians are looked upon with favor, and anyone returning from Kesmai is sure to be summoned to a royal audience. Sadly, though, there are far fewer returns from Kesmai than there are departures.


Citizens of Mu tend to be stocky and heavy-set, and even the women are more muscular than average. Muians generally have brown eyes and exceptionally thick brown hair, which the women take great pride in growing long. It is not unusual for women to have hair that reaches to the waist, and Mu's great beauties have hair that, if unbound, would brush the floor as they walked. Although the men rarely have hair much below their shoulders, they do generally boast luxurious beards, which they braid before battle to keep out of the way. The battle axe is a favorite weapon of Mu, and a muscular Muian Fighter with shield and axe is considered deadly by all other races and creatures — except dragons, who consider nothing on two legs to be dangerous. Thaumaturges are common among wayfarers from Mu, as are Fighters. Thieves are not unheard of, but Wizards are rare, and any Sorcerer from Mu has likely left his native land for health reasons. Sorcerers always are given fair trials before they are executed.

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