Mnar is a land of roving herders. The rich grassland of Mnar offers the perfect environment for the Mnarian herd animals, and the tribes have very little to do other than see that the herds do not overgraze, and protect them from the various wild animals of the plains. This placid life frequently drives fighters of the clans to Kesmai in search of excitement.




Since the people spend much of their time moving behind their herds, shifting from one grazing land to another, there is little central government. Instead, they are organized into clans, based mostly on bloodlines. When a matter affecting all of the clans must be decided, a meeting of chiefs and shamans is convened, and discussions are held. Arguments and debates, pro and con, ebb and flow until a consensus is reached — a procedure that frequently takes days. To a Mnarian, it is only reasonable that any important decision should be a long time in the making. However, this attitude often has frustrated other races trying to deal with Mnar. Not long ago, with the best intentions, Illyria tried to introduce a more centralized concept of governing, with the result that their fleets are no longer welcome at Mnar. The clans resent any outside attempt to influence them.


Mnar exports dried meat and fine leathers, and they import very little other than grain and wine from Lemuria.

People & Culture

Mnarians are tall and strong, with light skin and straight blond hair. Their eyes are almost always green. Light grey eyes are thought to denote a person with more than average magic, and black-eyed people are said to have the "evil eye." Mnarians are happiest fighting with axe and shield, but they are noted warriors and can make do with just about any weapon. Most Mnarians are fighters, but all the other professions are also represented: Wizards, Thaumaturges, Thieves, and Sorcerers. Thieves can gain much honor in Mnar, provided they do not steal from their own clan, and Sorcerers are tolerated as long as they practice their black arts only on strangers, and not on clansmen. This is one of the main reasons that Sorcerers from Mnar attempt to travel to Kesmai, where strangers are plentiful.

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