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Martial artist, or MA, characters are for the action oriented player. Martial Artists dedicate their lives to the perfection of their fighting techniques. Often traveling lightly encumbered, MAs are fast, nimble and possess extraordinary ability to block opponents' blows. MAs learn powerful methods of unarmed combat, doing as much damage with their bare fists as a Knight with a greatsword. At higher skill levels they have offensive blows that exceed all other fighting classes. But because they must engage in direct hand to hand combat, the life of martial artists is as dangerous as it is exciting. Martial artists receive many hit points and acquire skills and experience rapidly. As progress is made, Martial Artists learn the powerful kick and jumpkick attacks.

Martial Artists are not a difficult class to play, as equipment needs are minimal, and it offers much power to the player at higher levels. It requires, however, much patience during the middle skill levels as Martial Artists advance more slowly than Fighters and Knights. Opponent armor will frequently block a martial arts attack, and oftentimes the MA will not have enough HP to survive anything more than a brief stun. Moreover, martial artists who choose to wear armor to protect them while stunned will find their weapon blocking abilities severely limited. For this reason, MAs generally avoid wearing armor of any type. However, troll leather sometimes is fashionable among lower level Martial Artists. Footwear usually is avoided also as it tends to lessen the amount of damage delivered by kicks or jumpkicks.

Character Stats & Combat Adds

Note: To receive combat adds, Strength (str) and Dexterity (dex) stats must be at least 15.

Starting Character Stats Max Character Stats (using pots)
Strength 12 Wisdom 12 Strength 17 Wisdom 18
Dexterity 14 Charisma 10 Dexterity 18 Charisma 18
Intelligence 12 Constitution 14 Intelligence 18 Constitution 18
Extra Creation Points: 17
Suggested Distribution Max Stats (using Creation Points)
Strength 17 Wisdom 12 Strength 17 Wisdom 16
Dexterity 18 Charisma 14 Dexterity 18 Charisma 16
Intelligence 12 Constitution 18 Intelligence 16 Constitution 18
Str and Dex Adds
Levels Add
3 - 5 +2
6 - 8 +3
9 - 11 +4
12 - 14 +5
15 - 17 +6
18 - 20 +7
21 - 23 +8
24 - 26 +9
27 - 29 +10
30 +11

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