Mark System


The mark system was set up by the ghods to discourage players from killing other players. Players get marks on their account, not their individual characters, when they kill another player. This is true whether the killing was intentional or accidental. If a player receives more than 3 marks on his account he will be locked out of the game until one of the marks is forgiven by the player he as killed.

Killing in self defense is the only time marks are not incurred when killing another player.


If you are killed accidentally you may at any time forgive the player that killed you. From the conference room click the Rules Button in the upper right corner, then click the Forgive Button, then type in the name of the person who killed you. A mark may also be forgiven in game by typing in the Forgive Command: "Forgive <name>". Note that to use this method, the marked player must be in the same facet and land as the forgiver.

Expiration of Marks

Marks will expire over time. The more you have the longer it takes. One (1) mark will expire in two (2) weeks. If you have two (2) marks the first will expire in four (4) weeks and the second will expire in two (2) weeks equaling a total of six (6) weeks for two (2) marks. If you have three (3) marks the first mark will expire in six (6) weeks, the second in four (4) weeks and the third in two (2) weeks equalling a total of twelve (12) weeks for the three (3) marks. Kesmai will under no circumstances remove marks from a players account. Marks apply to all player classes and alignments. It’s highly recommended not to kill other players.

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