Legends of Kesmai
Second Intro Screen from Original Legends of Kesmai Game


Legends of Kesmai (aka LoK or Legends) is a community oriented, multi-player, role playing game. Legends is set in a fantasy world centered around the Island of Kesmai where wizards, thaumaturges, fighters, knights, martial artists, and thieves band together to explore and face the many dangers of the island and the surrounding lands with the use of magic, prowess, and pure brute strength.

It is a combat oriented game that emphasizes tactical challenges. There is no single objective to the game; the game is open-ended. Players pursue various ambitions: skill, discovery, adventure, wealth, power, and ability to help others; often pursuing these ambitions over several characters' lifetimes. The game has proven to be enormously compelling.

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Development History

Legends of Kesmai (LoK) was among the first successful graphical multi-player online role-playing games. It was based on a slightly stripped down version of Islands of Kesmai and was available for play at America Online as well as offered free to users of Compuserve and a now defunct site called GameStorm. Prior to that, Kesmai Corporation ran a long open beta for the game, as well as hosting the game for a short period of time in the mid 90's. In 1999 Electronic Arts bought Kesmai Corporation and in 2001 shut down LoK.

Kesmai Studios

Art Direction:
Bob Frizzell
Stephen Templeton
Greg Grimsby
Dan Cruger
Steve Ogden
Mike Uriss
Janine Wilson
Sound Direction:
Dan Bernstein
Sound Design:
Brad Derrick
Seth Guterman
Tom Dulan
Sound Programming:
Nate Burgess
Nick Laiacona
Lead Programmer:
Tim Sanders
Randy Eichman
Tom Laudeman
Paul Suggs
Dave Weinstein
Product Support:
Diana Eichman
Quality Assurance:
Rea Klosky
Editorial Manager:
Tom Dulan
On-Line Manual:
Keith Arnett
First Intro Screen from Original Legends of Kesmai Game
Third Intro Screen from Original Legends of Kesmai Game

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