Karma System



All characters and creatures have an alignment. Some weapons also have an alignment.

Chaotics will attack all non-chaotics; evils will attack non-evils. Occasionally chaotic and evil creatures can be found in combat with one another.


Most of the player characters are lawful which means they are in good standing in the various communities. Fighters, Martial Artists, Thaumaturges, and Wizards all start out as lawful. Knights must be lawful at all times. There are also a few lawful creatures.

Lawful weapons give an extra combat add when used against evil characters or creatures, which means the weapon will hit harder or block better.


Thieves are neutral characters, although they may appear as lawful fighters to others depending on the hide level of the thief and the experience level of the other character. Thieves are attacked on sight by the sheriff and his deputies, but will not be bothered by other NPCs or statues that live in or guard the towns. All other character classes who may gain a karma point and change their alignment to neutral will be seen as neutral by all and will be attacked by all lawful NPCs.

Note: If a thief's hide level is high enough, the sheriff cannot see through the thief's disguise and will mistake the thief for a lawful fighter.


  • Name Color: Yellow
  • Chaotic Weapons:

Most creatures are chaotic.


  • Name Color: Red
  • Evil Weapons:

Karma Points

Karma Points negatively affect your alignment. Every character begins with zero karma points.

To check how many karma points you have, use the show stats command. If you have taken one karma point, it will say "You have killed one lawful." If you have two karma points, it would be "two lawfuls", etc.

Gaining Karma Points

Karma points are incurred when you kill any lawful or neutral character, either a real player or a Non-Player Character. If you incur a karma point, your alignment will shift towards evil by one degree. For example, if a lawful wizard kills a lawful fighter, the wizard will gain 1 karma point, and his alignment will now be neutral.

Wizards or thaumaturges who cast terrain altering spells such as lightning, fire, illusions, portal, darkness, etc. inside town limits will turn neutral.

Any class who attempts to steal will turn neutral.

If a player character's alignment becomes evil, the ghods will no longer take pity on the character when he/she dies and the character will not be resurrected, but rather sent to the Underworld.

Losing Karma Points

The preferred way to get rid of a karma point is to take a tiger figurine to the nearest confessor ghost. The ghost will remove one karma point for each figurine you give it. Another way to remove your karma points is to take a trip to the Underworld and complete the Karma Quest.

Note: If you go to the Underworld with karma points, you must complete the Karma Quest before you can return to the land of the living.

Self Defense


  • Name Color: Violet

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