Hide Level


Hide Level is very important to thieves. A thief's Hide Level determines whether the thief will be seen by a creature that is two or more hexes away while using the Hide in Shadows spell.

Ineffective Hide

If a thief's hide level is very low compared to the level of the creature(s) he/she is stalking, the thief will be seen outright as if he/she did not even have the hide spell cast.


If the thief's hide level is almost high enough but not quite, the thief may be invisible to the creature for a time, but eventually the thief will "blink" or appear to the creature for one round.


Hide Level can be calculated by adding together the Character Level and Magic Level of a thief.

For example, a Level 7 Thief who is an Opener of Ways (Level 5 Magic) has a Hide Level of 12 (7+5=12)


Thieves with a Hide Level of 26 or more can hide from the drake in Axe Glacier.

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