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Perhaps the most important spell in a thief's arsenal, Hide in Shadows makes the thief invisible to any creatures that are two or more hexes away.


No finer skill for those who thieve,
no slicker trick from up the sleeve,
can be of greater use to thee
than this: invisibility.

To be as one with shadows black,
unseen by those who would attack,
to steal among the walls and trees,
cast this spell and hide with ease.

Hide in Shadows cannot be used on open ground. This spell improves with Hide Level.

Note: To effectively hide, a thief must remain next to a large object that casts a shadow (such as a wall, or a large tree with leaves) at all times.

  • Available to: Thief
  • Duration: Indefinitely
  • Mana Cost: 3
  • Magic Level Available: 1
  • Magic Level Required for Successful Cast: 1

Tip: To stop hiding, use the unhide command.

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