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The fighter is one of six character classes in Legends of Kesmai. The Fighter's success is based entirely on prowess in physical combat. They rely on weapon skills and strength to kill opponents and blocking skill and dexterity to avoid opponents' weapons. Fighters gain vital experience points rapidly and are given a higher number of hit points than any other class except martial artists. A Fighter character is recommended for beginners, as it is the simplest and most straightforward class.

There are disadvantages, however. Fighters are able to fight only one opponent at time in direct combat and must choose fight or flight when faced with overwhelming odds.

While Fighters arrive in Kesmai with the weapons of their homeland, they generally can use almost any weapon. Like those of other classes, Fighters can improve their combat ability through practice, and with training bought from the various trainers. Most Fighters arrive in Kesmai with leather armor, but may choose to use mail or plate armor later on, or armor made from the hide of a troll or salamander.

Character Stats & Combat Adds

Note: To receive combat adds, Strength (str) and Dexterity (dex) stats must be at least 15.

Starting Character Stats Max Character Stats (using pots)
Strength 14 Wisdom 12 Strength 18 Wisdom 18
Dexterity 14 Charisma 10 Dexterity 18 Charisma 18
Intelligence 12 Constitution 14 Intelligence 18 Constitution 18
Extra Creation Points: 15
Suggested Distribution Max Stats (using Creation Points)
Strength 18 Wisdom 12 Strength 18 Wisdom 16
Dexterity 17 Charisma 16 Dexterity 17 Charisma 16
Intelligence 12 Constitution 16 Intelligence 16 Constitution 16
Str and Dex Adds
Levels Add
3 - 5 +2
6 - 8 +3
9 - 11 +4
12 - 14 +5
15 - 17 +6
18 - 20 +7
21 - 23 +8
24 - 26 +9
27 - 29 +10
30 +11

Becoming a Knight

Lawful fighters of the eighth experience level or higher may seek Knighthood, which confers certain magical powers through the Ring of Knighthood. With the Ring of Knighthood, Knights can enhance their weapons, locate opponents and allies, increase their strength, illuminate the darkness, and heal wounds during combat.

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