Draznia is a fertile, flat island made wealthy by the exporting of grains and a potent, fiery drink distilled from those grains. The climate is moderate, with just enough change during the year to enable Draznians to claim four seasons. The predominant color of the island is green: the cool green of growing things; the pale green of newly budded leaves; and the deep black-green of the evergreen forests. This verdant motif is echoed in the clothing of the people, for only rarely will a Draznian be seen without at least one article of his apparel being some shade of green.


There is much magic on this island; some say it even sparkles in the early morning sunlight, although the more practically minded see merely dewdrops. Still, there is no doubt that Draznia has produced many, perhaps even most, of the great Wizards of history, and is likely to produce more. There are three great schools for Wizards on the island, each with its own philosophy. The details of dispute between the schools are aired frequently at conferences designed to spread the knowledge that the master Wizards have uncovered, but these differences are so rooted in Wizardly theory that they are generally unintelligible to any save the master Wizards themselves.


A typical Draznian is of average height and build, with yellow to yellow-white hair, and light gray or light blue eyes. Wizards are common among travelers from Draznia, as are Fighters. There are a few Thaumaturges and some Thieves, but rarely a Sorcerer. The Draznians' favorite weapon is the greatsword, but the broadsword is not rare, and bow weapons also are popular for use against wild animals.

Politics & Economy

Draznia is ruled by a Council composed of the masters of the various Guilds, and most of their political considerations are decided on the basis of what is best for trade. Draznia has very few natural resources other than her fertile fields; therefore, most of what her citizens require, other than what can be grown, must be purchased by the profits of their grain exports. At the moment, there is a power struggle going on between the members and supporters of the Guild of Farmers, and the Guild of Merchants and its adherents. The merchants take the position that without their trading ships, the farmers would be unable to sell their products; the farmers submit that without their crops, the merchants would have nothing to sell. The struggle has been going on for several years and is likely to continue for several more, since both sides refuse to accept as equal the truth of the other's position. Because the power struggle is evident mainly through public rhetoric and verbal attacks in Council, it has little effect on the day-to-day affairs of Draznians. All three schools of Wizardry have ignored the political debate, if they are even conscious of it.

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