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This spell temporarily opens a one hex portal through a wall. (i.e. Turns a wall hex into an open hex temporarily.)


Where walls to thee a bother be,
when of bounds thou wouldst be free,
lift the chant, invent a door
where there was no door before.

Pass from darkness into day,
speak the words to know the way;
shouldst wiser be to run than fight,
a portal couldst but aid thy flight.

  • Available to: Thief, Wizard
  • Duration: Depends on Magic Level of caster
  • Mana Cost: 5
  • Magic Level Available: 5
  • Magic Level Required for Successful Cast: 5

Note: If a character or creature is standing in the hex when the portal closes, the returning wall will come crumbling down upon him, inflicting considerable damage.

Tip: Cast darkness on a portal to close it prematurely.

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