Aselaind The Conqueror
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In fairly recent times, AseLaind the Conqueror, sister of Zod the Mighty, has traveled to Kesmai in order to explore and map the system of portals set up by The Ancients. AseLaind, at times, sends back brief messages that give hint of many lands forested, frigid and fiery. One is the frozen land of Axe Glacier, named for its dominant landmark. She discovered a dangerous country of desert plains and cliffs known to the inhabitants as Leng. Her travels then led her to Oakvael, a land of forests and pits with a treetop town. Her latest message tells of her journey to cold Praetoseba, known as the Underworld, where she quested for a return to the surface lands and life. These messages have greatly increased her fame in the known lands and many await her next communique.

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