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You've reached the unofficial and unauthorized wiki of Legends of Kesmai

The purpose of this wiki is to gather all known information about Legends of Kesmai, as it was in its original form, and as it is on the new development projects.

You Can Help!

  • Add new pages; visit the Wanted Pages to see what pages are currently needed.
  • Edit existing pages to provide more information or make the existing info more clear and concise.
  • Add more links; if you see a word or phrase within a page that should have a link to its own page, add it!
  • Add Page Tags to each page to help others find the page when browsing or searching.
  • Rate pages! If you think a page is excellent or terrible, let us know by using the rate module or rate link found at the bottom of every page.

Who can join?

  • Anyone!
  • Anyone may view and use this wiki.
  • Anyone who registers with can create, edit, and rate pages.
  • Anyone who becomes a member of this wiki receives extra file, forum, and comment privileges.
  • It doesn't matter which server you currently play on, all are welcome to contribute.
  • No one will be denied membership, however if you violate the rules, you will be blocked. So please read and follow all Wiki Guidelines and Rules.

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Editing Guidelines

Adhere to these Guidelines or risk being blocked

  1. When editing or creating a page, please do your best to follow the general format of the rest of the pages in the wiki.
  2. Always include a short description of the changes you've made, even if it's a minor grammar correction or spelling mistake.
  3. Do not spam or vandalize the wiki.
  4. Until further notice, the only information about the different emulator/development projects allowed in the wiki is:
    1. Name of Project
    2. Date Released, Finished, Abandoned, etc.
    3. External Link to Project's main website
    4. What is or is not implemented yet
    5. What differences exist between Project and original Legends of Kesmai Game
    6. Please no comparisons between Projects and no advocating one server over another

This wiki should read like a manual; leave the politics and trash talk somewhere else.

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